On getting half the picture

Many thanks to Bloggerheads for the technical support.  Here's my version of the Conservatives' latest "Benefits" poster.

"Who can you believe?"

Another one which is on the thinking-person's side of online ads.  Yes.  I know.  Far too much text again.  It does make a point though.  I'm beginning to wonder if we shouldn't make greater use of animated GIFs.  I think my old version of PhotoImpact was able to do these - and me, using it.  Can GIMP?

Maybe I should try that.

"Whose friends? Whose benefits? Whose work?"

I wasn't sure whether to use this text:
Executives at Britain's top companies saw their basic salaries leap 10% last year, despite the onset of the worst global recession in decades, in which their companies lost almost a third of their value amid a record decline in the FTSE.
or the much longer one I ended up using.  Both taken from this Guardian report last September.  As is, my poster is obviously for electronic consumption as there's quite a bit of text on it, though its message could be simplified and perhaps made appropriate for advertising hoardings.  As always, click on the image for the full-size version - and all comments or attempts to improve most welcome.

On Thatcher, Cameron and Clegg

Yes.  I know that over at 21stCenturyFix.org I've argued the Lib Dems are empty anti-ideological souls, but further reading around the subject makes me begin to wonder if some of the figures at the top are quite as opportunistic as I made out.  A little fearful does this article in the Spectator make me feel, in fact. 

What really worries me, of course, is that if Nick Clegg does get into any semblance of meaningful power, how on earth will Steve Bell work out an effective way of caricaturing such bland features?

My latest poster on this subject below.

"Do you really want his finger on your button?"

Here's a thought. As China is, at least according to David Cameron's latest pronouncements, now in the same bracket as Iran, would it also be fair game to ask that age-old Cold War question?

This poster does just that.

The Elastoplast Manifesto

Developing initial reactions to the Conservative Party manifesto, here's a poster you might want to work on.

It took me a while to work out any way of constructively defacing what is clearly a deliberately undefaceable front cover.  Hope you like it.  The defaced version, that is.


See what we can do with this thought:
In what world do we let private sector destroy economy and then go back for more? Isn't Tory NI letter sado-masochism run riot?
And so this is the poster.  "PLC VS. TLC."